• What is the difference between Full custom and Semi custom?
    Full custom is a one-of-one design for your bike created with your idea. Full custom allows you to give us your idea and our designers bring it to life. Semi custom is a pre-made design with your logos, brands, name, number, etc.

  • What is your turnaround time?
    To receive your proof it will be 1-2 days for semi custom kits, and 3-5 days for full custom kits. Sometimes you might see your proof same day or next day, it all depends the current workload at the time.

  • Shipping?
    Shipping is calculated at checkout based on your location. We have shipped with several different companies but we put our trust in UPS to deliver on time. Overnight shipping can be accommodated, contact us for information.

  • Can you send me a picture of my graphics before you print?
    Yes! Proofs are included with the purchase of all orders. Once your design is complete, we will then email you a design proof to make any changes prior to printing.